Ohwo Buyer & Seller Apps
Ohwo is a Nigerian payment app that allows merchants and buyers to make digital payments without the need for expensive hardware. It works solely through the use of two mobile phone apps: Ohwo Buyer and Ohwo Seller.
Since this was a new brand to the market, I was responsible for this large scale project of developing the Ohwo brand that would essentially aim to attract new customers and engage its current audience.
Company: Union Maritime
An animated video was created to promote the Ohwo Buyer app which provides a walkthrough of how the app works.
Personalised business cards were designed with the Ohwo brand guidelines in mind.
Graphic assets were designed for the Google Play Store to show off the Ohwo Buyer and Seller apps features.
An animated video was also created for the promotion of the Ohwo Seller app.
Graphic assets designed for the Ohwo Seller app in the Google Play Store.