OsaGo is a mobile phone app that revolutionises travel across Lagos, Nigeria, by connecting passengers and boat drivers to unlock the potential of the city's waterways. The OsaGo app allows passengers to easily plan, book and pay for their boat trips.
I was responsible for developing the newly released OsaGo brand, a revolutionary idea to help switch customers from congested road travel to the freedom of boat rides over Lagos' rivers.
Company: Union Maritime
Software specifications: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
An animated video was created to promote the OsaGo app, providing a walkthrough of how the app works.
Personalised business cards were designed with the OsaGo brand guidelines in mind.
Graphic assets were designed for the Google Play Store to show off the features of the OsaGo app.
Key visuals for the OsaGo Charterer (rider) app.
Key visuals for the OsaGo Skipper (driver) app.