Quan Van Photography
I was commissioned by London photographer, Quan Van to redesign the visual identity of his brand. The client requested that he wanted a signature style logo, something that existed with the current logo but needed updating with a fresh appearance that was unique and easily recognisable.
My solution was to create a custom typographic logo with strong accents on Quan Van's initials from which I also could create a secondary logo mark that could be carried across his work. The old logo often got lost on a small scale as it was used as a watermark for the client's photos but the new logo mark ensures any scale still creates a clear identity that compliments his work.
Client: Quan Van Truong
Software specifications: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Main Logo Design. A secondary monogram-style logo was created for the purpose of being applied to the client's photographic work as a signature.
An alternative variation of the style was also considered for the final logo.