Red and Raser
Red and Raser is an online merchandise store, offering apparel and accessories for musicians of all genres whilst also presenting a special line for their own branded products. 
The client needed a new logo design for their identity and had a few specifications to follow. Since the store sold their own branded products, the ideal logo would be a logomark or one that combines both a logomark and logotype to be easily identified on the merchandise. In addition, the client also had a strong interest in mythology so I fully explored this concept through various ideas.
Agency: Scorp Design
Main logo design. A unique logomark was ultimately created with inspiration coming from the ancient Egyptian Eye of Horus symbol and the Eye of Providence. The logo also created a kind of 'cult' impression that added to the brand's distinctive identity.

A range of clothing and accessories was created to display and promote the new visual identity of the brand.
Alternative concepts that were considered for the final logo included an emblem and other logomarks following the same inspiration of abstract mythological symbols and images.