New Brand Design
Rockstar Personal Training
Rockstar Personal Training has been working magic in the entertainment industry since 2006. Pop stars, actors, dancers and up-and-coming artists have benefited from their expertise to make them fit, toned and fabulous for their careers. But they don’t just limit themselves to stars on stage and screen. Rockstar believes everyone should benefit from feeling like a star. 
The objective of this project was to create a new logo for Rockstar. The brand has been in the industry for a while but recently underwent a name change and required a fresh look to match this identity.
Agency: Scorp Design
Software specifications: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Main logo design. This was formed from the client's surname: Bull, combined with a barbell that would also emphasise the idea of strength. This was combined with the aspects of the flames and headphones to depict the 'rockstar' theme of the brand.
Colour variations of the logo are tactfully used across various merchandise and products.